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How Can I Find a Trust Litigation Attorney in Los Angeles?

Our Trust Lawyer Understands Your Needs

Wills are not the only way to secure your legacy for those you leave behind. Establishing a trust can achieve a similar result while avoiding many of the most contentious probate processes. Trusts can administer or transfer assets between one or multiple parties by utilizing a third party. These trusts operate privately, keeping your estate outside of state probate court. However, if not done correctly, or if beneficiaries of the trust disagree, litigation could arise.

As a trust litigation attorney in Los Angeles, Greg Aslanian is no stranger to the problems that can arise from a trust dispute. He has helped beneficiaries face the complex problems caused by trust mismanagement, fraud and family disagreements. Before founding his firm, Greg defended insurance companies at a prominent national litigation firm. This experience familiarized him with the needs of complex litigation. Now he provides help to families dealing with succession and trust issues.

What Does a Trust Litigation Attorney Do?

A trust is a document that establishes a third-party trustee as the administrator or the trustor’s assets. This document outlines the managed assets and the duties the trustee must adhere to. The trustee can perform any duty set forth by the trust, such as investing the assets or distributing the assets to beneficiaries. However, if the mandates of a trust are not properly followed or beneficiaries disagree with the trustee about management of the trust, then litigation can result. This is when it is time to consult a trust litigation attorney.

At The Aslanian Law Firm, PC our Los Angeles trust lawyer can help you determine if the administrator of a trust is doing the job correctly. If our firm discovers wrongdoing, neglect or mismanagement, we can help you take the next step in repairing the wrongs committed against you. Whether that option is mediation, arbitration or taking your grievances to court, our California trust law firm can help in every step of the process.

Why Would I Contest a Trust in California?

If a trust is created as a result of undue influence, duress, or fraud, it could cheat beneficiaries and trustors out of their rightful inheritance. When this happens, it may be necessary to contest the validity of a trust, an amendment or a restatement. Here is a list of situations that may require such actions:

  • Undue Influence – When seeking to take advantage of an elderly person, some individuals may try to take advantage of a trustor. A court can rule that any executions or amendments of trusts under these circumstances are invalid. However, those close to the situation must act quickly to set this wrong right
  • Soundness of Mind (Mental Capacity Claims) – If a trustor is unable to understand the nature of the trust they have established, the court may rule that the document is invalid.
  • Creditor Claims – Death does not erase a decedent’s debts. This may force creditors to seek repayment by claiming a portion of the estate in court.
  • Accounting Disputes – If a trustee does not account for fees, investments, distributions or taxes, they may be responsible for mismanagement. You can root out this mismanagement with the help of our trust litigation attorney in Los Angeles.
  • Defective Trusts – Trusts must meet California Probate Code to be valid in our state. If they do not meet these requirements, it can lead to unfair distribution or serious consequences.
  • Spousal Rights – Since California is a community property state, surviving spouses have one-half interest in their marital assets. Any trust that ignores this is contestable in probate court.

Can a Trust Litigation Attorney From Los Angeles Handle California Inheritance Law Issues?

If you have interest in a trust and suspect mismanagement, neglect or fraud, you should contact our Los Angeles trust litigation attorney. He can handle trust cases and well as personal injury claims and other lawsuits from all across the state of California. Give us a call at (626) 696-2001 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our services.

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